Zik Software: Mac, Win, Cross-Platform Custom Development in Torino, Italy

Commercial Applications
We have almost 15 years of experience in designing, developing and marketing commercial software products for desktop and mobile platforms (such as the award-winning PrefsOverload for Mac and the iOS App Store bestseller Deadlines Pro). Thus we are able to provide "white label" software development for your company, meaning that you can hire us to develop your own product and then release it under your company brand name. If you need it, we can finally assist you in marketing your software on the Internet or publishing it to the App Store.
Custom In_House
Custom In-House Software
Developing custom software solutions for small businesses is perhaps our best specialty. We can develop custom in-house software that integrates flawlessly into your daily workflow: tell us what your needs are and let us design and develop the perfect solution to the problem. With our cross-platform skills your new software will run perfectly on your company's Macs and PCs running Windows or Linux. If you prefer post-PC devices, we can also develop custom apps for your iPads or iPhones.
Web Apps and Websites
As of today, every company needs a presence on the Internet. We can develop robust websites that look wonderful on every browser and every device, using modern web standards such as HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript. We can also develop desktop and mobile apps with complementary web services & APIs (JSON-RPC, XML-RPC, SOAP), and even complete web applications using widespread technologies like PHP or Java (JSP), or next-generation technologies like Xojo which enables to create fast, robust, secure and scalable CGI webapps.
OS » Mac OS X
OS X Software
Macs are our true passion: we are long time Mac users and Apple Developer Connection members, and we love to develop software for the best platform out there. We've been developing for the Mac for over a decade, and created either commercial apps than custom in-house software, thus we are able to develop Mac OS X apps with perfect Mac look-and-feel that take advantage of specific Mac features and tools such as QuickLook, Keychain, Address Book, AppleScript, QuickTime, Spotlight, iCal and so on...
iPhone » Application
iOS Software
We can build great mobile applications for your favorite iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With our passion for designing gorgeous user interfaces, we feel at home when developing on the Apple mobile platform, providing the quality level that your users expect when using an iOS App. We can build Universal Apps that are optimized for the native GUI of the device on which they are running on, whether it is an iPhone or an iPad, while sharing the logic code underneath. If your app needs to communicate with the cloud, we can make it link to your existing web services or create them from scratch.
Cross-Platform Software
Your software should be optimized across platforms: thus, if you are selling your own product, you can reach out to as many customers as possible, and if you use your own custom software in your company, you are not bound to the platform you are currently using. We have already developed many cross-platform solutions that work flawlessly on Macs and PCs running Windows or Linux: we are not talking about Java, we are talking about building a native, full-speed app for each platform, starting from the same source code.
desktop:digital publishing
Desktop and Digital Publishing
We have a deep know-how in desktop publishing software. We actually developed complete publishing systems for both Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress platforms, covering the entire publishing workflow, including: pages WYSIWYG layout, object distribution, concurrent articles editing, automatic content creation starting from database data, photography databases, printing, PDF creation and dispatch to print center, editions archives and more. Recently, we have also built solutions for building interactive iPad books within InDesign, starting from indd files used for paper.
Workflow Automation
Everyday work is made up of many small repeating tasks. Automating your workflow means increasing your productivity to incredible levels, using your current skills with pro apps while preserving your software investments. We are experienced in automating publishing and graphics workflows, building software that increases your productivity with your current professional apps, such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Photoshop, helping you to unleash the real power of your software.
Scalable Server Software
A server software is fundamental when your team (small or large) has to work concurrently on the same data or when you need a lot of computational power. We build server software that is scalable, meaning it is able to adapt gracefully to your growing needs, and distributed, namely capable of allocating its workload across multiple servers: thus, when your team or your workload grows or when you simply want to increase the system responsiveness, you can add another server to add computational power, instead of replacing the existing server with a new one.
Your software needs to talk with your existing Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server database? No problem! Our applications can talk perfectly to these and every other ODBC compatible databases. Otherwise, we can setup a robust database for you starting from zero. We also have experience building applications that make use of the self-contained and serverless SQLite database: that is perfect when your application needs to handle a lot of data without a connection to a database server.
UI » Inspector
Components Programming
If you are a hobbyist or a professional developer, and need help with a particular portion of the development of your software, we can help you by programming single components that are easy to integrate in your project. We are especially experienced in building native Xojo and XCode components as well as shell tools.
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If you have a legacy Windows-only project developed in Visual Basic, we can easily port it to Mac and Linux platforms, reengineering and optimizing the code as needed. We can also rewrite a Windows-only software from scratch, building a modern cross-platform software that is also easier to use.

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