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LPS Live Publishing System, is “publishing system” in the classic meaning that this definition assumed since the beginnings of desktop publishing.
With LPS, each magazine is conducted along a well-defined path: creation of the edition, pages insertion, objects distribution (text and images), objects content import, pages closing.
Using LPS, every member of the editorial team can best fulfill his mission. Graphics can make the most out of the page-layout program with LPS Tools, a module that extends the commands of the page-layout program and integrates seamlessly with the publishing system. Editors can devote their time to write articles without worrying about the graphic appearance that the article is going to assume: LPS Editor is the word processor through which they can access all the styles in the page that are provided for the item they are working on. Convenient features enable you to view or print the structure (layout) of the page, and thanks to the WYSIWYG preview, articles are always perfect in length. These features are guaranteed by the connection of the clients (Editor and Tools) with LPS Server, which is the "heart" of the publishing system and interacts with the page layout software ensuring you get the result you expect.

LPS is based on Mac OS X, QuarkXPress 4.11 and XML. The suite is made of three different applications:
- LPS Server: server running on Mac OS X, manages editions data using XML and pilots QuarkXPress via AppleScript.
- LPS Tools: a QuarkXPress module that allows integration of DTP files in the publishing system.
- LPS Editor: page-styles aware word processor featuring WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) preview of the page.

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